Meats #3 The Woodcutter

In this third episode of The Butcher’s Apron ‘Meats’, Emma and Nadine interview wood-dwelling craftsman Barnaby Carder. Better known as Barn the Spoon, he now spends his days sitting in a London shop-front, painstakingly whittling wooden spoons. Having spent three years travelling around forests – sleeping in the woods and carving spoons from the trees, he has finally embraced a “normal” way of life. Here Barn talks to The Butcher’s Apron about expertise, experiences and enjoying the simple things.

Meats #3 The Woodcutter by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

Meats #2 The Policeman

Meats #2 The Policeman by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

In this second episode of The Butcher’s Apron ‘Meats’ , Emma and Nadine interview Shomrim volunteer Shulem Stern. In Hebrew Shomrim means “watchers” or “guards” and is the name given to organisations of volunteer Jewish civilian patrols which have been set up in Hasidic neighbourhoods all over the world. On the beat 24 hours a day, this is a neighbourhood watch like no other, and one you probably didn’t know existed. Here, Shulem talks to The Butcher’s Apron about suspects,
spirituality and saving the day.

Meats #1 – The Taxi Driver

Meats #1 – The Taxi Driver by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

In this first episode of The Butcher’s Apron ‘Meats’ , Emma and Nadine interview taxi driver Mark McGowan. Mark, better known as ‘The Artist Taxi Driver’, has been making political art for over a decade. Originally associated with the YBAs, today Mark is best known for his incendiary rants and outlandish stunts. Here, he talks to The Butcher’s Apron about art, work and the big breakfast.

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The Butcher’s Apron ‘Meats’ begins on Resonance 104.4fm Saturday 05/04/14

Resonance presents a new series from London-based radio show and podcast The Butcher’s Apron, where they interview eccentric British ‘types’.

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REAL NEWS from The Butcher’s Apron: new studio!


The rumours are true, we are not only moving into this grand building, but we are setting up a state-of-the-art recording studio and event space right here in the heart of Stoke Newington. This will be our base to make more and better podcasts and audio pieces, and we hope it will become a hub for radio heads, podcasters, documentarians and other good folk besides. And we’re in excellent company — shacking up with film, audio and production mavericks who share our love of good stories, art and parties. We are dusting off our dungarees and kitting out the place over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for news about the grand opening, and for your invite to the party.

Oh, and there is room to home other likeminded practitioners — There are a few desks up for rent, fully serviced with access to some pretty amazing facilities. If this sounds like your kind of place, drop us a note at info at to find out more, or to come see the space.

Fun Facts: Building F is at 110 Stoke Newington Church Street which is the longest street name in Greater London. Originally built as a public baths, later home to War Relief Toys where ex-servicemen made wooden playthings and more recently the base of The Islington Sea Cadet Corps. It still has a large radio transmitter on the roof… kismet if we’ve ever known it.

The Making of…..

Imagination Show 6

Imagination Show 6 by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

The Butcher’s Apron x The Festival of Imagination 6. We gaze deep into the future with Dr Vincent Walsh, Jeremy Deller, Ordinary Ltd, Minimaforms and singer Lee John.

Imagination Show 5

Imagination Show 5 by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

The Butcher’s Apron x The Festival of Imagination 5. We have an epiphany with Susan Quilliam, Dominic Wilcox and Dawn Davies and hear from Manchester’s festival outpost.

Imagination Show 4

Imagination Show 4 by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

The Butcher’s Apron x The Festival of Imagination 4. We look deep into Vision with Technology Will Save Us, Jeanette Winterson, Miranda Sawyer & Nick Southgate and The Vitamins.

Imagination Show 3

Imagination Show 3 by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

The Butcher’s Apron x The Festival of Imagination 3. We dig deep into intuition with Carol Ann Duffy plus live interviews with Dan Hurley, Nancy Fouts and Suzanne Lee.

Imagination Show 2

Imagination Show 2 by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

The Butcher’s Apron x The Festival of Imagination 2. We delve into the creative process: live interviews with Marcus Fairs, Cathy Haynes, The Cloud Appreciation Society and Agi Haines…

Imagination Show 1

Imagination 1 by The Butcher’s Apron on Mixcloud

The Butcher’s Apron x The Festival of Imagination 1. We explode into action with live interviews from Selfridges’ creative directors, the School of Life, Dr Dance, Super/Collider, Lost Lectures and more!

Our window is OPEN and our first broadcast live is on Saturday 18.01.14!

Find out more at and we will add more updates SOON.


What is Imagination? Launch film for the festival out now…

Happy Christmas from us!



The Butcher’s Apron will be broadcasting LIVE from a window of London’s iconic Selfridges department store as part of the Festival of Imagination, an eight week celebration of imagination and the imagineers of today. You read that right. For two hours every Saturday lunchtime (from January 18th until February 22nd), we’ll be making live radio perched in a mobile broadcasting hub on the corner of Oxford St and Orchard St, exploring the nature of imagination with some of the most exciting innovators working today. Come down and see us making the show, tweet us your ideas and questions in real time @ButchersApron #imagination, or just blow us kisses through the glass (no banging on the window please, it’s RADIO after all). 

We will send out an update with more information about the live shows, including guests and features, but if there is something you feel we shouldn’t know about, email us at



For this episode of the show, we speak to prison inmate turned conceptual artist, Gary Mansfield, about his journey from a life of crime to a life of lofty ideas. We travel back in time to explore the story of Albert Hofmann and the accidental invention of LSD, with the help of his friend and fellow mind-explorer, Amanda Feilding of the Beckley Foundation, rounding up as usual with our resident philosopher, Dr Daniel Barnes.

Mistakes by The Butcher's Apron on Mixcloud

MISTAKES launch film…Friday 13/12/13 by Leon Hatcher

Sneak preview of the next live show…

Next Episode coming soon….

We will be flexing our live radio muscles on Resonance 104.4FM on Friday 13th December at 8pm. This episode looks at the agony and alchemy of MISTAKES large and small, and how they can shape the course of one person’s life, or the history of an entire community. More on this coming soon…